More than 100 years of tradition

The company domicile and production plant of Felchlin Switzerland is located in Ibach, in the heart of Switzerland, in the middle of Europe, where the transformation of the cacao bean to noble chocolate using original, traditional methods occurs. We offer approximately 140 local employees an attractive working environment and are committed to supporting and furthering the strategic promotion of knowledge and competence.

Production plant

More than 100 years ago, Max Felchlin lays the building blocks for the traditional production of high quality Swiss chocolate and exceptional products for the confectionary and pastry trade.

Swiss Milk Couverture

In addition to our renowned Grand Cru dark couvertures, we specialise in producing exclusive milk couvertures from the finest rich Swiss milk.

Switzerland and chocolate are synonyms for quality world-wide. In 1875 the Swiss Daniel Peter was the first to combine milk with chocolate and hence created the famous Swiss milk chocolate.

Milk originating in Switzerland

As soon as the harsh winter months pass and spring begins, many farmers walk their stock from the valleys to mountain alps. This annual procession composed of cattle and farmers wearing their traditional costumes, known locally as "Alpaufzug", is a festive event celebrated by many villages.

While on the Swiss Alps, the cattle graze on pastures blooming with over one hundred different herbs and grasses and drink from the crystal clear spring water. This pure and lush nourishment contributes to the rich milk used in the production of Swiss milk chocolate.

Our secret
Our exclusive chocolate which we manufacture with passion and enthusiasm is the sum of an immense number of precise and conscientious actions.
For more than a century now our company in the heart of Switzerland has been dedicated to producing excellent chocolate. 
We have a small chocolate factory in Ibach where we understand the secrets of manufacturing great tasting chocolate and are more than happy to share them with those who wish to enjoy our chocolate.