Our Values

Felchlin is a standard where actions and consistent decisions accomplish sustainable, quality growth throughout the entire company. The defined and practiced values provide the momentum both internally and externally.


“Passion” at Felchlin means that we engage heart and mind for our creations. Our enthusiasm is concentrated on selected clients and specialties. We are sensualists and are pleased when our passion is reflected in our business associates.


“Flexibility” at Felchlin means that we are flexible without being frivolous. Our manageable size, the openness and competence of our employees as well as the closeness to our clients allows us to react and adjust swiftly and prudently to all new challenges. We are constantly moving forward and developing in anticipation of an ever increasingly demanding market. In this way we can harmonize our traditional values and quality standards with the required flexibility and effectiveness of an efficient production.


“Stability” at Felchlin means that we provide security and continuity for our business associates. The Felchlin label represents a success story of over 100 years. Extended over generations Felchlin has accomplished healthy growth and earned a reputation as a reliable employer. We are proud of the origin of our craftsmanship and cultivate it from day to day. Our knowledge and ability allows us to meet and exceed the high standards required by our clients, now and in the future, thereby creating a basis of trust in our market segment.