Seminars and courses

Various courses for bakers, pastry chefs and confectioners are offered in Condirama. We offer courses led by respected experts such as Olivier Bajard, Bernd Siefert, Leopold Forsthofer and many more. In addition, our own consulting experts are available to share their consolidated knowledge. Our worldwide distribution partners invite selected clients to participate in a seminar that last several days. They then have the opportunity to test new recipes together with our consulting experts that have been adapted to specific regional tastes because the aim of these seminars is the exchange of ideas. This unique experience for guests from near and far allows us to communicate our passion for our craft brewing in the very heart of Switzerland.

Sensory panel

To ensure the continued high quality of our products and future improvements, we not only require superior raw ingredients and their careful preparation, but also sensitive, receptive senses. Our sensory panel is composed of carefully selected, schooled employees that conduct regular training in Condirama to enable them to recognize and define the finest sensory nuances in products. Before a product is released for sale, it must pass testing by our critical sensory team.

Application tests

When developing new products, we consider all areas of application as well as the high standards required in today’s demanding market. Our consulting experts and development team conduct a variety of application tests on new products in Condirama.

Recipe ideas - creations

New application recipes and ideas are created in Condirama. Our creative consulting experts experiment with new flavour combinations and adapt old recipes to meet today’s trends. The flavour nuances of our origin couverture continually inspire them so that they excel in their craft.


Condirama has developed into a meeting place for conferences. Experts in the areas of marketing, sales and development meet to discuss actual projects, trends, experiences, market development and new ideas.