Professional expertise

Demonstrations and chocolate promotions are an important aspect of our marketing concept in export. These events are organized and conducted together with the respective distribution partner. The demonstrations often occur in luxury hotels and are combined with in-house training. Our consultant is present to demonstrate new products, recipes and applications. The chocolate promotion has become a recognized tradition in many 5 star hotels. For a few days the hotel guest is able to submerge into the luxurious world of chocolate. Various activities are organized such as chocolate buffets, chocolate dinners or unique chocolate spas. Felchlin assists its clients in the conception, planning and implementation of such events.

Individual recipes and assortment

With commitment and passion we support our clients in the creation of their individual chocolate specialties. From the original idea through to the application tests, we experiment until the perfect result is achieved. We also advise our customers in the selection of their praline assortment. In so doing, we test the whole selection – each individual praline is tasted to determine character, structure, flavour and innovation. The variety of choice is an important criteria in satisfying the requirements of today’s consumers. The new assortment is selected together with our specialized clients. We support our clients so that their exclusive product range is successfully implemented.

Product implementation

We support our clients with the introduction and implementation of new products or a new product range on location. We actively work with our customers and their employees. We explain how to efficiently produce the product as well as pointing out any idiosyncrasies that need to be observed.

Sales schooling

Not only does the product need to be perfect to sell outstanding specialties, but competent sales personnel and optimal presentation are also important factors in the successful sale of products. We introduce sales personnel into the secrets of chocolate, taking into account your own creations. The schooling takes one to two hours and can take place on location or externally. Our export clients are offered schooling in combination with customer visits on location.