Degustation (Tasting)

To be able to degustate premium quality chocolate, you need to have reached an inner peacefulness that allows you to willingly take the necessary time required to fully appreciate the experience. Degustation appeals firstly to the sense of sight, then the senses of touching, hearing, smelling and finally the sense of taste.


Break off a small piece of chocolate. In doing so, you hear a "snap", a breaking, of the chocolate, which becomes more distinctive corresponding to the increase in the cacao content of the chocolate. The sound also reveals the fineness and structure of the chocolate. By rubbing a piece of chocolate between the thumb and index finger, the chocolate melts and releases aromas that can be identified using the Felchlin Switzerland fragrance and aroma wheel as a guide. When the chocolate is bitten, the snap reveals the softness and texture of the chocolate. Milk chocolate is smoother and has a softer snap due to the milk fat content. As the chocolate slowly melts in your mouth, a myriad of aromas are released. The Felchlin Switzerland fragrance and aroma wheel can help you identify a few of the over 600 different aromas present.


Degustation of chocolate should ideally take place in the morning. You should not smoke, drink coffee or eat spicy food before degustation. The chocolate should have a temperature of 20°C.