Direct acquisition partner of wild cacao,Bolivia

"The transparent, sustainable and fair system, which has risen through the partnership conducted together with Felchlin, helps over 1000 local families. Nature is the big winner because the wild cacao trees are protected from the commercial clearing of rainforests that many locals undertake."

Yara Glover, Ghana

"The conditions for our cacao farmers have improved significantly due to working directly with Felchlin. Felchlin pays prices well in excess of Fairtrade-Cacao prices for our sustainable cacao."

Adriana Sosa, Equador

"Max Felchlin AG guarantees cacao growers a generous price and is a reliable purchase partner, thus enabling a sustainable and careful cultivation of this valuable raw ingredient."

Andrew Hastick,Grenada

"All of our approximately 7000 cacao farmers have the chance of a better life due to the direct purchasing of our cacao by Max Felchlin AG. The sustainability of our cacao planting has been greatly enhanced."

Marc Nueschler, Brasil

"Max Felchlin's direct purchasing policy requires our cacao farmers to be constantly conscious of quality as well as work on increasing their knowledge. The regular contact and visits from Felchlin's purchasers allows for responsible planning."