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What distinguishes Felchlin couverture in comparison to mass produced chocolate? The production plant is designed to ensure maximum flexibility while maintaining the valuable flavour potential of each individual cacao. For this reason, most of the production machinery are prototypes designed to achieve this purpose. The combination of traditional and technologically advanced methods and equipment opens the possibility for constant experimentation to create new recipes.


What is the role of the food scientists and technologists at Felchlin? Felchlin's food scientists and technologists are considered to have a profound knowledge and are passionate specialists in their field. The constant search for new raw ingredients, equipment, recipes, methods of analysis and taste experiences lends each day an aura of excitement. The active contact with universities and colleges, including encouraging students to work together with Felchlin, constantly brings a fresh wind to Felchlin. This dynamic exchange is a key to the innovative ideas and creativity behind Felchlin products.


What does Felchlin do to protect the environment? The exceptional natural beauty, both in Schwyz and in the regions where the raw ingredients originate, should remain intact. This is the reason why Felchlin combines environmental protection as well as quality in its products.

Technical Support

How does Felchlin support their customers? The Felchlin Corporate Pastry Chefs support their custumers with profound knowledge. We offer a wide range of recipes and invididual technical advice. Moreover we support our customers in the planning and realisation of exclusive Pastry Shops and Production Concepts. Various workshops, seminars and education are a particularly appreciated service, which is an important part of our philosophy.


Are the new Felchlin recipes available on the webpage? Every Felchlin customer has access to our recipe data base, as long as they have requested the customer login on our webpage. The clear classification and search function allow to choose and select the recipes according to the invidudual needs of the Pastry Chef. In addition to this service, the Felchlin Newsletter informs regularly about new products and concepts.


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