Cacao fund
Felchlin Switzerland supports cacao farmers in their social and natural environment through the cacao fund. For every tonne of cacao sold by Felchlin, a specified sum is then deposited in the especially established foundation account. This money is used to support selected projects within the various cacao growing regions.

Sustainability is an essential element of the philosophy of Felchlin Switzerland. Fair prices, which always exceed Fair Trade levels, and environmental / social compatibility are only two of the many corner stones that form the basis of the Felchlin Cacao Charta. A great deal of value is placed on the longevity of our commitment to ensure future generations can also benefit from our support. We aim to sustainably support the complete sociocultural structure of each location. The contribution from our cacao fund has already proved to have a positive effective as demonstrated by the following examples.

Science and Technology in Costa Rica

CATIE - Centro Agronómico Tropical de Investigación y Enseñanza – is a science and technology centre in Costa Rica which specializes in further developing cacao through research. One project is the development of a more virus resistant cacao fruit to aid in the well known problem of infestations, which results in a loss of harvest for the cacao farmers. Felchlin participates in the research and helps local plantations implement the new developments so that an abundant harvest can be achieved.

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Composting in Grenada

As a result of the financial support from the cacao fund a successful local composting program was established in Grenada. Although this project appears to be rather unspectacular, it actually contributes significantly to the sustainable reprocessing of raw materials in agriculture. This quality compost protects and preserves the soil while encouraging growth: a long term win for the farmers in Grenada – and for nature.

Technical Support in Ecuador

Workers in Ecuador have enjoyed schooling and a deeper understanding of the equipment and machines with which they work due to the contribution of Felchlin Switzerland through the cacao fund. Special value was placed on ensuring that the schooling conveyed to each worker not only the appropriate handling of the equipment, but also a complete knowledge of the machinery. This stretched from pure maintenance to repairs and finally to the development of their own tools – the aim being support with the goal of sustainability.

Felchlin supports schools

In order to support the cacao farmers sociocultural structure in the local regions, Felchlin financially assists schools and local infrastructure. In this way it is possible to ensure a positive and secure future for young people still living in the region.

Cacao fund regulations

The fund:
- is active in areas from which Felchlin Switzerland procures its cacao beans
- may be used to support local schools
- can be used to slow the exodus of local youth from agricultural regions
- supports areas that contribute to the improvement of quality
- can help support the purchase of cacao plants
- should help the long term sustainability of locals