Education project for Madagascar’s youth
As part of Felchlin's continued support of the communities in which it operates we have constructed a new school in Madagascar. The project will ensure a hugely positive long term impact accross this origin cacao growing region and will enable the children to continue their education.
For Christmas 2015 we will finance and configure suitable teaching aids and learning materials for the students in Ambalavelona and the surrounding area in the form of text books .These will describe how the valuable raw material cocoa is grown. The young people will thereby gain important knowledge in the area of regional agriculture and of quality cocoa-growing.
New Cacao Booklets for students

Our school project in Madagascar has reached another milestone: the cacao booklets for the students, which talk about sustainable cacao farming have arrived and been handed out. The booklets were done in collaboration with the small cacao enterprise in which the design and printing of these booklets was done in Madagascar. Have a look!

New learning material

For the end of 2015 we will have designed and financed the appropriate teaching materials for the students. The books will be printed and bound in Madagascar. With this support the students will learn about agriculture and cacao cultivation.

More progress and education

We want to help these young people entering into their working lives and are confident that this will bring strong added value for the local agriculture. This will hopefully lead directly to more progress and education for the region as a whole.

One of the school rooms

On February 9th, 2015 the students attended their first classes in the new building. On the picture you can see one of the school rooms.


After speeches and words of thanks at a brief public ceremony the school was officially opened. A plaque on the side of the building acknowledges Felchlin's sponsorship of the school.

The new school

The new school project was finalised at the beginning of 2015. It is located in Ambalavelona, a town of 3000 residents located in the middle of the cacao growing region of Madagascar. Felchlin supported the purchasing of the raw materials to build the school in addition to funding the salaries of the craftsmen involved.

Funding for Christmas

The donations from Felchlin are used for material procurement, logistics, wall and roof construction. The project draws to a close just in time for the seasonal holidays. We sincerly thank Felchlin's loyal and steemed clients, who have helped to fund this project through their long-standing partnership.


Felchlin's support will allow 30 to 40 students to continue their education in Mathematics, French and Agricultural studies.


Due to lack of funding many young students are unable to continue studying after completing their primary school education.


Ambalavelona is a village with 3000 residents and is located in the middle of the cacao region in the north of Madagascar. Most farmers secure their livelihood through cacao cultivation.