Purchasing standards
Quality requirements

The selection of cacao beans is of primary importance. Before a delivery leaves its origin, a control sample is sent per courier to Schwyz. A purchase is made only after positive analytical results and sensory testing is performed.

Direct purchasing

Cacao Sélection Felchlin describes the philosophy behind the selection and purchase of cacao by Max Felchlin AG. It includes the cacao charter and guarantees its content; the purchaser personally travels regularly to the cacao farmers, cooperatives and partners on location. Long term contracts and agreements offer an attractive and interesting prospective for cacao producers that is both ecological and economically worthwhile.

Fair price

A strategic aim of Max Felchlin is to procure cacao of the highest quality and complex flavour directly from the origin. Naturally, farmers are rewarded with higher prices for their additional efforts and extended know-how.

Defined origin

Max Felchlin AG only imports cacao with origin designation. This builds the basis for the processing in Schwyz; the production of couverture from cacao with a defined origin. In this way it is possible to guarantee the traceability of the cacao.


You will find a number of certificates from our cacao suppliers confirming that we have signed long term contracts with fair conditions.

Sustainable cacao production